Below are (very) short bios of the authors and links to their posts.

Ronnie Glavin
Ronnie is a consultant anaesthetist (retired), ex-director of the SCSCHF and still "the oracle" with regards to thorny issues.

Al May (@TheRealAlMay)
Al is a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. His main interest is in faculty development.

Laura McGregor
Laura is a consultant in Emergency Medicine at Monklands hospital.

Michael Moneypenny (@scotsimcentre)
Michael is a consultant in anaesthesia and director of the SCSCHF. In between writing blogposts and tweeting, he finds time to eat and sleep.

  • All the other blogposts were written by Michael

Pamela Milligan
Pamela is a senior anaesthetic trainee, and was the simulation fellow at SCSCHF from 2013-14.

Scott Rudnicki-Bayne (@ManikinSkywalkr)
Scott is one of our simulation technicians. He loves nothing more than gutting a mannequin to see how it works.

Kirsten Walthall (@K_Walthall)

  • Kirsten is an invited blogger and Simulation and Education Fellow in Emergency Medicine in Manchester.

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